Puff The Dragon

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## What Is PUFF? Puff is the erc-20 memecoin token based around the mETH community. Puff is an innovative experiment - a blockchain interactive story where holders can experience a 6 chapter journey and choose their own path through it. Users may interact with Puff's story as it progresses in Puff's Penthouse inside methlab.xyz ## How Many PUFF Coins Are There in Circulation? Puff launched in March 2024 with 888,888,888 PUFF tokens created at genesis. There is no additional supply. 48.5% of the supply was unlocked at genesis, and the rest released over Chapters 2 to 6. ### Who Are the Founders of PUFF? Puff is a community led project with various early contributors passionate about mETH and onchain communities. ### Where Can I Buy PUFF? The initial liquidity Pool for Puff is inside Puff's Penthouse on methlab.xyz